Streetfleet MOT
Services Ltd

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Fed up of going to garages that leave you feeling let down and costing too much money?

Why not visit Streetfleet MOT Services! A reputable VAT registered garage.
Streetfleet MOT Services is a family run garage which has been established for 14 years.
We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne just opposite the Newcastle Business Park.
We put a high value on all our customers and our job satisfaction comes from keeping our customers satisfied and happy, good customer care is what we aim for.
That is why when you bring your car to us we talk you through exactly what your car needs and why.  What this consists of and how much it will cost you, always giving you "the customer" the option to say no i don't want it done or yes please go ahead.
We Service / MOT and Repair all vehicles of all ages.  All of our work is honest and to the highest possible standard.  Our aim is to look after you and your car.
What we say we have done, has been done and if any work is not necessary than we will tell you so.  You have the choice between dealer parts or quality motor factor parts and we can even look after your brand new cars and still keep the warranty valid at cheaper prices than you would pay at the dealers.
You can give us a call for a free no obligation quote and we always have offers on such as £15.00 discount on your service when you have an MOT and Service together, or even a free MOT with our Industry Standard Service ( major ).
Our company consists of 4 staff, 3 mechanics and an office clerk, all of which are fully trained and competent.
Our service includes: MOT's ( up to class 4 ) , all different types of services to suit your vehicle, any repairs whether minor or major and our Diagnostics Skills can pin point engine management faults.  We can also provide you with tyres and our skilled welder can tackle any MOT failures that you may incur.  To top it all we can also provide you with our recovery service at a reasonable cost so if you bring your car to Streetfleet MOT Services you know every aspect off your car will be catered for (with your permission of course!)